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Wekster Multi-Purpose Siphon Transfer Pump Kit, with Dipstick Tube | Fluid Fuel Extractor Suction Tool for Oil, Gasoline, Water, Liquids & Air

  • $ 1395

About this item

  • ✓ The Wekster multi-use self priming siphon liquid transfer pump kit includes 2 long hoses with a dipstick tube, safely extracting & inserting liquids like oil gas and water. And an air pumping hose and adapter for inflating air into tires etc.
  • ✓ SPECS: Gas Syphon Pump with intake & discharge tubes: 9” - 2 Hoses (with black connectors): each 50”/127cm, OD: 1/2” ID: 11/32” – Dipstick tube: 48”, OD: 1/4” ID: 1/8” – Air pressure tube: 15”, OD: 7/16” ID: 1/8”
  • ✓ QUALITY: Durable hard plastic fluid pump provides perfect pressure with rapid siphoning transfer, and thick plastic hoses to ensure no leakage or slops - Rubber dipstick tube transfers oil without melting from heat – High-quality acid & water chemicals resistant equipment.
  • ✓ DESIGN: Smooth action handle with 2 long flexible red hoses reaches anywhere – Extractor dipstick tube sucks oil from any vehicle - Easy Assemble/Disassemble for efficient cleaning.
  • ✓ USES: Easy large hand vacuum pump with intake & discharge transfer system for motor oil changes, overfilled tanks, off season storage, refueling empty tank from gasoline container, draining transmission petrol fuel, diesel & gas from cars, trucks, tractors, snow blowers, boats, lawnmowers & outdoor power equipment, or draw water from aquarium tanks, unclog plumb toilet sewage, separate sediment when brewing beer or wine – inflate tires, balloons with the air pressure adapter.

    Product description

    About The Wekster 3-in-1 Multi-Use Large Siphoning Pump Kit with Air Inflating Adapter

    The Problem:
    Whether your car is out of fuel or in need of an oil change, or you just want to storage power equipment for off season by draining its liquid, why pay top dollars for the easy to do job?


    Our Solution:
    The Wekster Leak-Free Manual Hand Siphon Pump Kit with Long Hoses and Adapters, for transporting liquids like oil and gas.


    Kit Includes:


    Intake & Discharge Hand Pump


    Dipstick Tube


    Air Pressure Hose


    2 Red Hoses


    2 Black Safety Connectors


    Inflator Nozzle


    Blower Nozzle


    Tube Connector



    Rapid Transfer:
    Quickly transfers liquids up to 3 gallons per minute, and air with just a few easy pumps.


    Long Hoses:
    50-Inch long red hoses are durable and thick accessing hard to reach places.


    Easy to Clean:
    Easily disassembles for proper cleaning (Recommended after transferring petrol or flammable liquid).


    Important Tip:
    For proper siphoning, the discharge hose must be lower than the intake hose.




    Essential oil extractor tool for vehicles


    Suctions gas/oil from jet skis tanks


    Drains liquids from hard to reach areas like drums


    Pumps out excess overfilled liquid


    Great spout for refilling transmission fluid


    Bilge liquid removal tool on boats


    Inflate car or stroller tires, air mattresses, balls and balloons


    Evacuate air from chambers and barrels


    Repair window air conditioners


    Also useful for cooking and baking


    During brewing separate sediment from liquid


    Best squeeze tube bulb pump alternative


    Can be used as a sump pump


    Works in places that funnels will not fit


    Complete using instructions included


    Save Money and Do Your Draining/Transferring by Yourself!