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Vanitek 6-1/2 x 33 ft. Green Gentle Garden Netting/Row Cover/Screen | Protect Secure to Keep away Birds and Rodents from Fruit, Vegetable, Flowers and sensitive Plants, while allowing water and air in

  • $ 799

  • Vanitek Garden Netting easy to handle, Reusable, Weatherproof & Non-rusting. lay it over plant or attach to Cane, Pole, Arbor, Metal/Bamboo Garden Stake/Stick, Garden Cage, Plant Support Hoops, lattice, Fence/Gate Twine Trellis, Ladder, Rod, Cable, Yarn, Thread, Strand or Wire Netting or anything that can provide support.
  • The Vanitek netting screen are designed to Protect Gentle Plant’s, Flower’s and seedling’s to help securing plants from being Damaged from birds, rodents and other pests.
  • Keep Protected your Vegetables/Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling plants or small Trees like Tomato, Beans, Cucumber, Zucchini, Eggplant, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Summer Squash, Sugar Snap Peas, Pumpkins, Baby Corn, Peppers, Grapes, Blackeyed Susan’s, Vine, Hydrangeas, Honeysuckle, Clematis, Climbing Roses, lily’s, Ivy, Jasmine, Mandevilla, Sunflower, Moonflower, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Passion, Sweet Pea, Bougainvillea, Trumpet, Canary, Carolina, Madeira, Orchids, Humming Bird plants.
  • Protects delicate flowers, shrubs and plants gently sometime it can provide support against Weather/Wind damage, saves you a lot of problems to worry about your plant. With this Garden Netting, protect and provide support to your plants.
  • Easy to apply - trim with scissors to desired length.

    Product description

    About Vanitek Garden Netting
    The Plant Netting is an especially designed Screen to keep your Fruits, Veggies, Flowers, Climbing, Crawling, sensitive, young transplant, Plants or Trees protected from Birds, Rodents, or Weather Damage, without harming damaging or injuring the plant.

    Garden Plant Netting features durable roundcamouflage Green polypropylene wire mesh netting 6.5 feet wide x 33 feet length net 2.5cm width.


    How to Use:
    Prepare the soil and seed the area or plant your transplants Place the Garden/Row cover directly on the ground or drape it over hoops We recommend using support hoops for larger transplants, For proper use Leave some slack in the center to allow for expansion as the plants develop As the crop grows, it will push the cover up.
    Mound soil over the edges of the Net to keep the cover in place, or fold the edges under 3″ and anchor it with Earth Staples by pushing them through the fabric and into the soil


    If you are using support hoops, be sure to pull the cover taut over the hoops and bury the edges well to keep the Netting secure during windy days You can also clip the fabric to the hoops with clothespins if wind is a problem.


    Fabric can be cut with scissors to fit over conventional-width rows or used as-is for wide-row plantings.
    Made from UV treated plastic for longer life and improved durability
    Weatherproof, Reusable, Durable, heavy-duty and long lasting
    Allows room for natural plant movement and growth
    Won’t harm or block the plant from growing because of tightness
    Allows rain and overhead irrigation to reach plants and soil
    Perfect for separating vines and stems.
    The Green color camouflages and virtually disappears into the foliage
    Not detracting from the beauty of your vines or ornamentals.
    Also useful for covering small pounds and pools.
    Accessible tool for gardeners, Planters, Farmers, landscaping companies and just anyone that has a green thumb.