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RAM-PRO Roll Pin Punch Set with Storage Pouch, 9 Piece Steel Removal Tool Kit | Perfect for Jewelry, Watches, Gun Rifle (AR-15) Spring/Tension Pins

  • $ 1599

  • ✓ The Ram-Pro Heavy Duty Spring Pin Punch Set is a Must have Kit that is extremely useful whenever you’re trying to remove any size of Pin fastener and accurately pounding it without harming the surroundings or causing any damage.
  • ✓ SPECS: 9 Tension Pin Punches included: 1/16” x 2-3/4” – 5/64 x 3/14 – 3/32 x 3-1/2 - 1/8 x 4 – 5/32 x 4-1/2 – 3/16 x 4-3/4 – 7/32 x 5 – ¼ x 5-1/2 – 5/16 x 6-1/4 inch. – Carrying Holder Pouch included for easy organization & transport. – Sizes are carved onto each Punch for easy identification.
  • ✓ DESIGN: Ram-Pro Roll Pin Punches have Precise Punch Balls on the ends to recess on the Pin and prevent getting slid off - Specially designed to safely drive Roll Pins without damaging or marring the product – Ergonomically Knurled Hand Grips helps Decrease fatigue and Increase Punching success.
  • ✓ QUALITY: Made of Heavy Duty Drop-Forged & Heat Treated Steel Construction | Heavy Duty Non-Rust Sturdy Punches will last through the most extreme pressures & repairs and fix jobs consistently - Precise manufacturing transformed into thin exact Punches to successfully remove the Pins from their tubes.
  • ✓ USE FOR: Handy Easy-to-use Punches for Fast and Safe Removal of Slotted or Coiled Roll, Spring and Tension Pins – Perfect for Gunsmith Maintenance/Repair, Jewelry, Watch Makers, Arts & Crafts, Automotive Hitches, Garage Doors and Door Hinges.

    Product description

    About Ram-Pro Spring Roll Pin Punch Kit

    The Problem:


    Trying to remove Roll Pins with a hammer and some odd object is always a challenge and never performs as expected and always tend to slide off target and damage the whole application.


    Our Solution:


    A 9 Piece Pin Removal Tool Kit!




    #1 – 1/16” x 2-3/4”
    #2 – 5/64” x 3/14”
    #3 – 3/32” x 3-1/2”
    #4 - 1/8” x 4”
    #5 – 5/32” x 4-1/2”
    #6 – 3/16” x 4-3/4”
    #7 – 7/32” x 5”
    #8 – ¼” x 5-1/2”
    #9 – 5/16” x 6-1/4”
    1 Storage Pouch
    (Sizes are engraved onto each Punch and easy to read).


    Whether you’re maintaining your firearm or wanting to remove/change any size of secure Pin, this set will help you out From Door Hinge Pins to Automotive Hitch Pins.


    Kit includes the useful popular Pin size: 3/32 inches, (Perfect or gun dismantle and removing the bolt catch release pin).




    Make sure the punch is absolutely straight and in line with the pin you are removing.
    Work piece ‘Must’ be properly supported with a proper bench block that prevents the piece from shifting as well as having a hole to allow the pin to exit through.


    Punches can withstand the utmost impacts without breaking.
    Due to the brilliant Ball Pin Head design, the punches won’t even move or slide off the desired hitting point.


    Storage & Organization:
    Roll-Up Storage Pouch is included in the package for better storage and transport efficiency.


    A Gunsmith’s Must Have Tool - Works on all types of Guns Pistols and Rifles, From AR15’s to AK’s and M’s.


    No more struggling and breaking Nails, Wrenches or Bits when trying to pound out Spring Pins.


    If you're building an AR15 or just doing repairs on one, you NEED these extractors.


    A Must have for any Home Mechanic!