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Ram-Pro No Pooping Naughty Dog Black Yard Sign with Stake Cast Iron

  • $ 1809

  • Keep those dogs off your lawn
  • Solid Cast Iron
  • Gold Embossed Letters "NO!"
  • Install easily in lawn or garden
  • 13.25" tall, 9.5" wide and 1/2" thick

    Product description

    Are you dealing with dog owners or neighbors that are inconsiderate and allow their pets to use your lawn like their personal bathroom?


    Just get this Ram-Pro dog sign which says in huge gold lettering “NO!” and install it easily with minimal effort on your property and you’ll be amazed of the effect it will have.


    People will stop using your own land, yard, ranch, field as their dogs toilet, with just a friendly pleasant very effective message telling them basically to “move on down the road” without having to confront anyone, just get things done in the same time as you would stand and watch for ‘gardeners..’


    You’ll just watch and wonder how the neighborhood dogs understand “NO!”


    A nice gift for dog lovers


    Looks perfect in your yard, It does not make your garden look like a mess or a sign station, it doesn’t even stand out for plain people to make it look like a riot act.. Just when someone walks by and wants to stop for their thing it’s very visible and bright with big letters.


    just stick it into the ground (it will not bend) with the heavy duty very sturdy stake which is super high quality and it will stand out about 10 to 12 inches high to be seen by everybody and you will get several compliments and a few laughs but of course no complains at all




    If you're troubled by unwanted pets using your space to toilet, these signs are for you!