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Ram-Pro Mini Retractable Utility Snap-Off Pocket Knives - Box Cutter, Package Opener, Letter Opener, Touch Knife, with A Keychain Hole (Pack of 12)

  • $ 899

  • ✓ The Ram-Pro Mini Retractable Utility Snap-Off Pocket Knives will make open your Boxes and letters etc. very easy while being very handy and small with a hole for a keychain.
  • ✓ SPECS: The Durable Ram-Pro Razor Knives with thumb-slide blade has the measurement of: High: 1-1/2” Wide: 1-1/2”and will fit almost anywhere.
  • ✓ QUALITY: This yellow/white hard plastic ABS shell with the sharp retractable cutting knife will cut 100’s of time with no problem on a huge variety of materials.
  • ✓ DESIGN: Comes in yellow & white colors made of hard ABS plastic and features a sharp retractable cutting knife with a little click-in clip to hold it if you need to cut for a long time.
  • ✓ USES: Can be used for cutting corrugated packaging, foam, vinyl, boxes, poly mailers & annoying plastic blister packaging etc. even for clipping coupons in a store or to use when moving
  • About The Ram-Pro Razor Knives with thumb-slide blade.

    The Problem:
    When opening packages, you are looking all over to find a scissor? and then while cutting your scissor gets gunk-up? And it cuts in too deep damaging your stuff?
    How can we prevent this?


    Our Solution:
    The Ram-Pro Mini Retractable Utility Pocket Knives that is handy always with this keychain hole and the blade is short but good enough to open your boxes but not cut into your produces.


    Pocket Sized:
    The Ram-Pro Retractable Pocket Knives are compact in size but with big cutting power of super-sharp tempered steel razor blade while being small blade-length so it’s less likely to damage your package contents and stays sharp through hundreds of cuts


    Automatic retractable spring-loaded blade is safely hidden when not in use but you can still click it in it should stay outside while using without you should press it.


    Easy To Use:
    Save time, energy and your manicure with this Mini Razor Knives with a Retractable thumb-slide blade that you will have on your bunch of keys and use it all the time just by a click of a button while the retractable blade reduces chance of cutting skin, but still allows objects to be slice open.


    Click-in Holding Clip:
    This Auto-Retractable safety option it might get annoying if you need to cut for a very long time there is where the Click-in Holding Clip option will help you just clip it in and no more tomb pain.


    Keychain Hole:
    No more looking for a scissor/knife with this small retractable knife on your key chain handy for whenever you need them.


    Don't forget to take these off your keys when boarding a flight.


    Can Be Used To Cut:
    Plastic Blister Packaging
    Sealing/Strapping Tape


    A Most On Your Key Chain!