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RAM-PRO Heavy Duty Retractable Key Chain & Badge Reel Holder W/Carabiner Clip – Swivel-Back Extractable 48 inch Yo-Yo Stainless Cable - Great for Swipe ID Cards or USB Flash Drives

  • $ 799

  • Ram-Pro Heavy Duty Industrial 48 Inch (122 cm) Stainless Steel Cord that extends from the gear, for a quiet, smooth extension
  • SPECS: 8” Inches (from top to bottom) - 2" Diameter Self Retracting Gear Reel - Holds 6 keys, 4oz retraction force – 48” swivel-back cable
  • BENEFITS: No bulky or heavy chains sticking out of your belt or bag - Easily attaches to any belt, bag or pocket book. - Great for any professional that's constantly on the go!
  • DESIGN: Sturdy Carabiner with opening/closing arm – Durable Nylon Canvas Strap with stitching – Good Quality Cord housing – Extra Long Reel - Sturdy Yet Compact Key Chain – Specious Keyring
  • USAGE: Anything that can be hooked onto a Keyring, like badges, ID’s, swipe cards, RFID, FOB’s, passes, permit, license, apartment car or office keys, garage remotes, knife, whistle, plug tester, flashlight, charms, security/authorization card, phone, watch, USB stick, Radios. --- FOR PEOPLE LIKE: Nurses, teachers, students, office professionals, police, doctors, guards, inspectors, locksmith, EMT, EMS, paramedic, firefighter, biker, hiker and much more.

    Product description

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    About Ram-Pro Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain & Badge Reel Holder - Extractable 48" Stainless Cable- Great for swipe ID Cards.

    Sick & tired of snapping the zip string on your retractable work badge gizmos? Look no further. This keychain is strong & durable, that it’ll make your life so much easier - Don’t try that with a nylon cord.

    Introducing: Proudly presenting our heavy duty retractable keychain/badge reel for professionals or any other use.

    Secure clip for maximum security for your keys or badge & accessible when on the go!

    Starting with a clip on the top, easy to clip on just anywhere like your belt or pocket book.

    Connecting to a flexible heavy duty canvas material to the retractable gear reel that has a smooth yet strong suction with 48" cable connected to it.

    The cable ends with a key change ring that connects to 6 keys at a time. This keychain reel connects to just any badge too.

    Quality: Our Multifunction keychain holder was specially built with sturdy yet light material, so it won't be too heavy while carrying & should have a long lasting endurance.

    Includes: 1 Retractable KeyChain & Badge Reel Holder.

    Great for nurses, teachers, students, office professionals, police or dr. that are on the go & need to carry their badge on them constantly.

    Long cable is useful for scanning through security gates without leaving vehicle nor removing keychain.

    It has a nice light weight yet is strong enough to last for years
    Holds 6 keys, 4oz retraction force
    Cable braided strong & durable (instead of nylon or cotton string)
    Tool is very light, but spring would be just fine with a heavier object
    Comes with a strong ‘D’ carabiner clip at the top, for comfortability of hanging/hooking it anywhere you like
    Easily attaches to any garment, belt loop, or lanyard
    Sturdy housing
    No fraying or jamming
    Doesn’t sag/loosen


    A Must Have for Anyone Using His Key a Lot