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Ram-Pro 9" X 12" Sale Sign for Car and Auto Sales - Rust Free Clear and Visible Text Long Lasting with A Space to Hand Write, (4 Pack)

  • $ 639

  • ✓ Perfect for those looking to sell their car or other vehicles. This For Sale Sign is made with bendable plastic that’s easy to fit onto car windows. These Signs Hold Up to Rain, Wind, Even Snow and Grab Attention from Multiple Directions.
  • ✓ Specification: Durable plastic, weatherproof, Bright and highly visible, Ram-Pro 9” X 12” (FOR SALE) SIGN is Perfect for those looking to sell their car or other vehicles. This 9” x 12” (For Sale) Sign is made with bendable plastic and is easy to see.
  • ✓ Quality: Our long lasting corrugated plastic real estate (for sale) signs are water resistant, wind resistant, UV resistant, tear resistant and can be easily, stored, and reused! Our sturdy bundle signs are easy to use with an eye-catching design made with solid Plastic.
  • ✓ Design: Each design has (for sale) and space for extra information. Big enough for easy to read descriptions, so that your sign gets noticed and your car, home gets sold. Ideal for advertising Autos, Campers, Boats, Trucks, Houses and Anything Else You Want to Sell.
  • ✓ Uses: Use a Permanent Marker and Write Your Contact Information in the Open White Space, Indoor OR Outdoor use - Waterproof and Wind Resistant! Display in your front yard, lawn, garden or any area with grass! These Signs are Even Brighter than they appear on the Screen!
  • About Ram-Pro 4 Pack (For Sale) Sign

    Want to know how to better market your property? Research has proven that sign bundling has significantly more exposure vs single sign. You'll never know who will fall in love with your property, therefore, as a marketing strategy for realtors, these signs often attract curious passersby who were originally not interested but might now be reconsidering. In addition to that, it also helps direct already interested buyers.

    Get People to Buy:

    This For Sale sign attracts buyers and helps you get noticed. With bright red and room to add descriptions, we make it easy for you to sell. The signs are inexpensive and more efficient in comparison to flags and banners. this for sale sign ensures visibility - Sure to catch attention of interested or potential buyers/customers. Comes with a space to hand write what is for sale - convenient for sellers. Simply write what you want to sell.

    Help for post availability

    Sign (For Sale) helps post availability of a property for sale by owner. The sign has a white space for fill in to provide additional details such as address, contact, directions, and more. The high contrast lettering ensures high visibility from a distance. Plastic Sign has (For sale) text in bold white and a white space for fill in against a reflective red background

    • For Sale yard sign
    • Durable 4 mm thick corrugated plastic
    • Red/White
    • Professional appearance
    • Durable plastic, weatherproof
    • Bright and highly visible
    • For Commercial/Residential/Seasonal Use