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Ram-Pro 6 Pack 72" Long Bungee Cords Set with Galvanized Steel Hooks - Heavy-Duty Variety Pack of Thick Straps

  • $ 2319

  • Six durable long bungee cords for securing over-sized loads or wrapping big bundles
  • Heavy-duty multi-strand rubber core stretches easily over 8 feet with excellent tensile strength
  • Polyester weave jacket protects against abrasions; sun and weather resistant, non-mildewing
  • Tough spring-steel hooks, PVC coated to protect against scratches
  • 72" length relaxed - stretches to 135"; 12mm (1/2") diameter, weight each 16 oz.

    Product description

    Ever came across a scenario where you can’t hold something in place with a tight tension grip on it?


    The Ram-Pro elastic bungee cords will provide you with the best strength and lasting ability to hold or strap and fasten anything in your house or on top/in the car or motorcycle with ease.


    Just find a place where to start the metal hook and where to finish it and you’ll be amazed how long the cord will stretch.


    The bungees are thick and strong and of course extra-long on which you can always rely on whether its securing and preserving stuff outside through winter or just to travel with stuff or even for camping its just perfect.


    With this quality rubbers you can leave it outside on the sun and through all stormy weathers with no need to worry about it lasting there.


    When you go camping just secure your tarp to your tent with these cords and sleep well.


    Secure specialized gear like tool boxes, camping supplies, sports equipment, etc. to work vehicles, campers, boats, etc


    Tie down nearly any type of cargo to a trailer, truck, rooftop car carrier, RV, etc. Can also be used as part of a motorcycle tie downs system