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RAM-PRO 4-Piece All Purpose Wide-Mouth Bright Orange Plastic Funnel Set for Quick and Clean Transferring Liquids, Dry Goods, Between Pitchers, Bottles, Cans and Containers

  • $ 599

  • Ram-Pro Pack of 4 Funnels with Multiple sizes: 2” (50mm) 2 fl. Oz - 3” (75mm) 3 fl. Oz - 4” (100mm) 7 fl. Oz - 4-¾” (120mm) 13 fl. Oz.
  • Overall Slender 2" long, spouts have angled tips to reduce dripping; diameters 1/2" - 9/16" - 5/8" & 3/4" narrow stem.
  • Use Funnel for easy fast and clean transferring fluid, liquids, dry goods, spices, powders, small-grained ingredients, or seeds, between bottles, containers, cruets, jars, narrow-necked flasks, tubes, or vials, ends waste and eliminates messes, for residential and commercial use.
  • Lightweight Long Lasting Durable and firm grip comfortable to hold oil resistant Plastic, Completed with handy storage hanging tab, each pourer has his own hanger/holder, easily nests together for compact storage, easy to clean, Safe to use in the dishwasher, but Hand washing recommended.
  • Bright Orange color is easy to find/locate in work area.

    Product description


    About Ram-Pro 4 Pack All Purpose Wide-Mouth Bright Orange heavy duty Plastic Funnels

    Package contains: Four different sizes.
    2 inch 2 fl. Oz
    3 inch 3 fl. Oz
    4 inch 7 fl. Oz
    4-¾ inch 13 fl. Oz.

    Overall Slender length is 2 inch Spouts with angled tip diameters
    ½ inch
    9/16 inch
    ⅝ inch
    ¾ inch

    The plastic utility multi-purpose Funnel Set
    is chemical and corrosion resistant.

    Ideal for
    Smooth pouring Funneling or transferring between containers and straining into small bottles or cans
    Liquids, juices , soups, sauces, dressings, purees, shampoo, Laundry Detergent,
    palmolive, dish soap, paint, paint thinners, powder, dry goods, petroleum, oil,
    oil changes, coolant, gasoline, kerosene and other fluids, to pour salt into shakers,
    juice into jars, decanting wine,


    No more mess pouring spices into small jars!

    No more spilling pricey liquor filling your flask!

    Save to use the vacuum every day!

    Funnel stems fit large-necked bottles down to the smallest essential oils mini vials.


    Now you can reuse cooking oil, infuse vinegar with herbs, even brew your own beer! Excellent for canning too.

    Belongs with all your essential cooking tools. You can probably think of a hundred ways to use a funnel, so choose a high quality funnel that can handle them all. easily fills bottles and jars without a mess.

    Large and small funnels accommodate any size job, always have the right size.

    Compact Convenient and easy to store: Funnels nest together to save space, handy storage hanging tab, each pourer has his own hanging-ring/hanger/holder, Hanging funnels enhance your decor.

    Their bright orange color is easy to locate in work areas.

    Safe to use in the dishwasher, but hand washing is recommended.

    RamPro funnels are the smart home and commercial chef's kitchen tool of choice.