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Ram-Pro 4-1/2 Inch Metal Cut-Off Wheel Blades | Abrasive Arbor Grinder Disc Set Ideal for Cutting, Grooving, Sanding and Trimming Ferrous Metal & Steel (50 Pack).

  • $ 3036

  • Ram-Pro Value Pack of 50 Flat Fast Cutoff wheels and discs used when cutting or slicing through metal beams and stainless steel objects or pipes etc.
  • SPECS: 4-1/2" x 1/16 Inch Thick Metal Wheel – Arbor Hole: 7/8” – Maximum Operation Speed: 14,000 RPM.
  • DESIGN & QUALITY: Aluminum Oxide perfectly round discs designed to use with 4 ½ inch angle/side metal grinder’s lot makes up for a fast burr free cut – industry Constructed Thin plate’s makes slicing and cutting a breeze – Sturdy Materials make these wheels last a lifetime.
  • HOW TO USE: Just place the Heavy-Duty Disk onto your 4.5” Angle Grinder or any other High Speed Rotary Tool and make sure it has a tight snug fit in the Arbor hole, then start cutting or polishing your desired products (Remember: Always wear approved protective gear when using this tool).
  • USE FOR: For use on metal applications like steel, stainless, cast iron, sheet metal to sand, level & trim into screws, bolts, pipes, even horseshoes, aluminum gutters and steel walls or metal boxes.

    Product description

    Item Package Quantity:50


    About Ram-Pro Sturdy 4-1/2” Cut-off Wheels for Angle grinders etc.

    Ram-Pro premium metal cut-off discs provide superior performance and increased productivity. These flap discs cut through material faster than other cut-off discs and offer an extra-long cutting life. Fully reinforced for use in hand-held cut-off work.

    These blades are designed to give you a straight and fast cut each time without shattering or fragmenting.

    Tough aluminum oxide abrasive is continuously exposed during use to maintain an aggressive cutting edge.

    4.5 inch Cut off wheels, also known as parting wheels, are self-sharpening wheels that are thin in width. They are often used in the construction industry for cutting reinforcement bars (rebar), protruding bolts or anything that needs quick removal or trimming.

    You Get:
    A Pack of 50 Cut-Off Discs

    With this Value Pack of 50 Wheels, you can get through any stubborn project whether small or big, and you will never have to think twice before throwing away a used worn defective disk.

    Straight Fast Clean cut.
    Shatter/Fragment Proof.
    Cut aluminum gutters easily.
    Cut bolts and screws.
    Make slots in rusted or stripped bolts & screws for removal with a screwdriver.
    Will cut through Rebar’s, Metal shafts and Hard Steel cases like a knife through butter.
    Make fast, clean cuts in ferrous sheet metals, including iron and through a bunch of stainless steel studs with these abrasive cut-off wheels.

    Always use protective gear and approved safety guard – Do not over speed the wheels – Use extreme caution.

    The more stable you are able to get the grinder the better the blade will cut through the object.

    Happy grinding. Don't forget safety glasses.