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Ram-Pro 3pc World's Most Efficient 3” Letter Opener Envelope Slitter Set

  • $ 604

  • 3Pc Excellent quality letter openers kit - Made in Taiwan - Colors are 1 Red, 1 White, & 1 Yellow
  • Simple, safe and efficient tool for opening letters, envelopes & packages
  • Insert blunt-tipped guide under envelope flap at corner and slide cutter along edge
  • Recessed safety razor slits top edge of flap, reduces risk of accidentally cutting contents
  • Stainless blade stays razor-sharp through hundreds of cuts - it's the easiest part of bill-paying!
  • Getting tired of getting paper cuts on your fingers from opening mail? With these simple but genius 3 Ram-Pro letter openers you will never miss your scissors or knife again nor run out of openers! Since it has a long sharp unbendable blade it will slide in, cut & slice through all your envelopes (even bulky) fast & smooth without cutting your important stuff inside nor jamming the envelope, & still gets the job done without any struggle, bunching or drag whatsoever, only minimal effort needed. Simply save your fingers from papercuts while it’s the perfect size for the hand to hold it & get that satisfying slicing feel of the razor blade slicing on the envelopes. The blade is properly positioned at a shallow angle & concealed in the edge for safety and for increasing performance improvement. Slightly tilt the blade up a little as you glide it through and it will slice right through. Has a useful hole in case you want to hang it somewhere or to put in a ribbon (Gift Style) BENEFIT: Even use them to open bags of chips, cracker packages, etc. Very versatile. To Finish off: Why not shave minutes off the time you will spend in a lifetime with less than perfect letter openers? Just buy for your home & for your office & get 3 color variations (Red-White-Yellow).