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Ram-Pro 33-Feet Fiberglass Fish Tape Cable Rods, Electrical Wire Running Pull/Push Kit | Fishing Feeder Pole Sticks Snake Tool for Coaxial Wall Wiring

  • $ 2699

  • The Ram-Pro 33’ Nonconductive Fiberglass Fish Tape Sticks Cable Snake Running Kit is the perfect electrician companion set to finish difficult electric wiring installations by pulling and pushing cords through the toughest spaces easily without sparking fires.
  • SPECS: 10 rods, length: 39-Inches/1 Meter (collectively 33’), diameter: 3/16” - Flexible acrylic add-on: 6-1/2” – Male/Female brass threaded connectors: 4mm - Kit contains hook & eye ends, and a plastic storage case.
  • QUALITY: The stiff feeder poles are made of high quality nonconductive sturdy fiber glass with solid brass connectors & eye/hook ends, and a bendable acrylic extension.
  • DESIGN: Highly visible yellow shafts simply screw together with special threaded ends extending the tool up to 33 Ft., with an acrylic bar that flexes to any angle and a hook and eye attachment making pulling and pushing cables a breeze.
  • USES: The joints are useful for electricians, builders, crafters, engineers, DIY’s when fishing electric, coaxial, CCTV, alarm, network, circuit, phone, audio speaker lines, video, HDMI, internet CAT5e, & CAT6 cables through thin exterior or interior drywalls, vents, suspended garage ceilings, attics, straight conduits, PVC, ducts, insulation, subfloors, basement crawl spaces, carpets, sockets, plugs, outlets, light switches & sailboat masts.

    Product description

    About The Ram-Pro Fiberglass Fishtape Poles Coaxial Pull Push Low Voltage Cable Running Kit. The Problem: When doing wiring through tight spaces at home or commercial buildings it’s impossible to access all corners and angles by hand and get the job done right. Our Solution: The Ram-Pro Fishing Tape Wire running kit that can drag and navigate electrical wiring through the toughest areas without much effort. Kit Includes: 10-Pc, 3/16” x 3. 25-Foot Rods 1-Pc, 6-1/2 Acrylic Extension 1 Brass Hook End 1 Brass Eye End 1 Storage Tube CaseFiberglass Material: The nonconductive coaxial fiber glass helps eliminate electrical shocks when fishing existing structures. Brass Fittings: Each rod has threaded male and female brass connectors on the tips to be screwed together when expending the tool. Extra Long Reach: By connecting the flex rods to each other you can reach a length up to 33 feet! Horizontal/Vertical Wiring: A special acrylic bendable extension can be screwed on and set to any angle helping you transfer the cables through any object. “Pushing” Wire: The eye shaped attachment is used for pushing communication wires through small and narrow crevices. “Pulling” Wire: The hook shaped attachment is used for pulling the wires through obstacles. High Visibility: Rods are colored with a bright yellow to be able to be able to locate and differentiate the rods from cables easily. Storage Case: A useful sturdy plastic tube holder with caps is included for storage. Tip: Do not bend the joints too much as they can snap at high pressure. Makes stringing electric wires in ceiling easy. Fish Ethernet cables through crawl space from basement to attic. Helps you run wires like Romex for data/security camera systems. Fish Efficiently!