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RAM-PRO 25-Piece Powerful Magnetic Round Ferrite Magnet Discs with ¼” Dia. Holes (3/4" x 1/4") – Universal Use on Frigidaire’s, Bulletin Boards & Arts-Crafts Projects, Etc. (Solid)

  • $ 799

  • ✓ The Ram-Pro 25-Piece Super Round Ferrite Multipurpose Magnet Discs, are great for a range of uses, For: Home, Office, School, Shop, Craft, Hobby & Science Projects.
  • ✓ SPECS: Each Round Disc measures approximately 3/4" x ¼ Inch (19 x 6 mm), with up to 1 lb. of Magnetic Strength.
  • ✓ QUALITY: They are Super Strong and reliable, and will never break or fall down even if there's an earthquake and can be used at fairly high temperatures.
  • ✓ DESIGN: Nice Round Surface Attractive Magnets that has a North and South Pole Side Pull/Repel allows objects to be attached easier.
  • ✓ USES: The possibilities are virtually endless, Universal uses include: Holding anything on your Fridge, Bulletin/White Boards, Picking Up Sewing Pins, Christmas/Halloween Decorations etc.

    Product description


    About The Ram-Pro Premium Round Ferrite Magnet Discs.

    The Problem:
    You have to read your Recipe while cooking/baking but you don’t want your Recipe sheet/book to get dirty, how can you prevent it?


    Our Solution:
    The Ram-Pro Round Magnet Disc Set.


    Magnetic Strength:
    Holds 1 lb. of magnetic strength even for very thick papers, & would survive an earthquake under normal usage.


    North/South Pole Sides:
    With this North & South Pole Side Pull/Repel it’ll stick anywhere & it’ll be very playable.


    With these magnets you can be very creative, Example: Make a Refrigerator Magnet out of old bottle caps by sticking this magnet inside the beer cap & just hang it up.


    Sewing Pins Holder/Retriever:
    Pins stay put on the round magnet pin holder with a powerful magnetic field.


    Arts & Crafts:
    The alluring magnets are very useful for hanging anything, creating pins/ribbons, fishing (attaching to the back of a paper fish) etc. (Receptive to most adhesives).


    Art Installation:
    When installing beautiful/antic arts it is crucial to hang it properly, with these magnets it will be very easy.


    Use for:
    Hold Recipes, Meal Plans, Cleaning Schedules & Fridge Restocks On the Fridge/Metal Appliances
    Hold Papers On Your Message Center, Day Planner, Bulletin Boards & White Boards
    Hold Even Very Thick Paper, Cardstocks
    Kids Party Games/Fishing Rods, glass/mirror games
    To Hold Shower Curtains in Place
    To Organize the Garage with Cans
    To Make a Spice Rack or Any Type of Rack
    Art Installation
    Add to a Car/Truck Cab Cover
    Christmas Projects/Halloween Decorations
    Classroom Experiments
    Science Projects
    Product Manufacturing Applications


    Stick It, Click It!