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RAM-PRO 24pc Tarp Clips Heavy-Duty with Carabiner - Sliding-Lock Grip - Great for Awnings Farming Garden Marine Automotive & More

  • $ 2699

  • Versatile tarp clips with heavy-duty gripping power - Includes locking carabiner for optional rope use
  • Unique sliding-lock design makes it easy to tighten and loosen on thick or thin tarps
  • Tough weather-proof nylon, excellent quality - made in Taiwan - 9/16" hole for bungee cord hooks, rope or for hanging
  • Great for tarps, canvas, awnings, boat covers, tents, swimming pool covers
  • Pack of 24 Black Clips With Carabiner

    Product description

    With the “Ram-Pro” heavy duty Clips/Clamps, grip tarps, clear poly, or any fabric or sheet goods that require a strong long lasting hold.


    Ram-Pro’s Tarp Clips has a patented grip that is created by tightening its grip on the fabric. It performs effectively on tarps, poly sheeting, netting, windscreens, covers and awnings. Use it anywhere in an instant.


    The smart fastening device replaces grommets in a multitude of applications, it certainly great to cover your swimming pool for winter and not letting wind blow underneath it, or even clamp them to your BBQ and hang on them utensils and all sorts of gear.


    It has a very strong and thight grip and is constructed of more durable plastic which does not let go and lasts long, while it still can be released super quick an easy with minimum effort.


    Overall .


    -No Tools Needed


    -Instant "grip" up to 220 lbs!


    -Quick Release Mechanism


    -The heavier the load - the greater the grip


    -Reusable / Relocate as required


    -Apply with one hand operation


    -Takes thick fabrics / up to 6mm