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RAM-PRO 24” Flexible Magnetic Grabber Pickup Tool - Bend-It Magnet Snake Pick-Up Sweeper Bendable Retriever Stick | Useful for Hard-to-Reach Home Sink Drains, Car Keys, USB’s, Bolts, Nuts, Screws

  • $ 899

  • ✓The Ram-Pro Powerful Magnetic Bendable Steel Grabber Arm Rod extends 24” long and stays bend the shape its being set to, thereby saving your back from bending for objects, while retrieving Ferrous Iron Metals up to 4 lb. from hard to reach tight corners, crevices, appliances, furniture’s or drains that is difficult to get to.
  • ✓SPECS: Overall Stick Length: 24” - Bendable Wire: 17-1/2” – Handle: 4-1/4” – Magnet Width: 1/2” – Pull/Lift Capacity: 4 lb. – Shaft Material: Steel - Handle Materiel: Vinyl Plastic - Nabber Color Style: Brazed Orange & Black – Tool Weight: 6 oz.
  • ✓QUALITY: Magnet has a Super Strong force to pull & lift heavy objects before even touching it - Non-Breakable Hard Red Vinyl Plastic Handle and Tip – Flexible Snake Wire is made of Sturdy Electroplated Wound-Steel, which is Water-Repellent & Rust-Resistant for long lasting – High Quality Gooseneck Shaft holds firmly the magnet from being pulled out – Magnetic Force is on tipping end only when Silicon Sheath Cover the tools end.
  • ✓DESIGN: Bendable Shaft Holds the position you set it to, reaching those hard bended spots - Ergonomically designed Square Mechanical Handle Retriever will fit comfortably in any size hand for a firm grip to pick up tools – High Visibility Brazed Orange Handle & Tip for easy tool finding – Protected by an Orange Silicon Cover the Heavy-Duty Steel Tube holds firmly the strong magnet from falling out, and helps not to catch on to side metals for depth grabbing’s.
  • ✓USES: Comfortable Magnetic Sweeper can retrieve all metals from Tiny-Big Holes, Light-Heavy Tools, like: Jewelry Rings, USB’s, Pins, Cutlery, Knives, Screwdrivers, Drill Bits, Hammers, Screws, Nails, Bolts, Pliers, Vise Grips, Wrenches, Ratchets & more - Useful for: Handymen, Builders, Mechanic’s, Plumbers, Electricians, Technicians, Acupuncturist & for any Household.

    Product description

    About The Ram-Pro Magnetic Reacher Grabber Metal Pickup Tool

    When doing Mechanic-Style work & you have bolts/screws/nails falling into hard-to-reach places like motors/engine bays, or even when trying to retrieve metal items under/on-top appliances getting it out is a nightmare..


    The Ram-Pro Super Strong Hand Held Flexible Magnetic Grabber.


    Powerful Magnet:
    Despite the small size, the magnet is very powerful & fishes out heavy duty metals easily.
    Silicon Sheath around the Steel Tube allows to get into deep crevices without sticking to side metals.


    Bendable Extender:
    Electroplated Wound-Steel Wire Shape-Sets & Flexes to all angels, making this Nabber tool accessible to tight narrow bended cranny’s, for easy snake retrieval of all ferrous Metal objects that Claws cannot.


    Ergonomic Handle:
    The comfortable grip handle provides Control over the movement of your flexible magnetic sweeper.


    High Visibility:
    Colored with a Brazed Orange visible appearance, that helps in locating the grabber without any difficulties.


    Easily folds in half & saves space when storing in the toolbox.


    Flexible vs. Telescopic:
    The Flexible Tool can bend under/behind Furniture/Vehicles for metal retrieval vs Telescopic Grabbers where you must bend along & hardly even reach objects.


    The Grabber helps with easily lifting the nails, screws, bolts & nuts that fall on the ground & not easily accessible, avoiding the need to move equipment or vehicles & also saving the back.


    Useful to remove flakes of rust.
    Makes changing spark plugs a breeze.
    Literally extends your hands by 24 inches.
    Super easy handle grip on top to make grabbing & lifting a breeze.
    Great Aid for when doing Car Repairs in the Engine Compartment.


    A Must-have tool for Mechanic’s & Plumbers!


    Don’t pay for replacements anymore, just extract it!