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Ram-Pro 2-Piece Extra-Strong Chrome Plated Magnetic Hook Set – Universal Use for Kitchen, Garage, or Office (8 Lb. Capacity)

  • $ 649

  • ✓ The Ram-Pro Multipurpose 2-Piece Extra-Strong Magnetic Hook Set, will help you Hang tools, badges, kitchen utensils, keys, decorations, towels, etc. anywhere like: Home, Office, School, Shop and more.
  • ✓ SPECS: Each Durable Magnetic Hook has a 1-1/2” inch Diameter Round Base, With 8 lb. Capacity of Magnetic Strength.
  • ✓ QUALITY: This Super Strong Reliable Hooks Holds firmly to ferrous metal even on textured surfaces and will never fall down even if there's an earthquake under normal usage - The hooks are made of Chrome plated steel.
  • ✓ DESIGN: The Hook is designed to be screwed securely onto the magnetic base holding fairly tight, The Magnets has a North and South Pole Side Pull/Repel.
  • ✓ USES: The Possibilities are virtually endless, Universal uses include: Hang Tools, Utensils, Keys, Decorations, Bags Towels, Aprons, Sweaters, and much more, anywhere like: Home, Office, School, Shop, Bathroom, Laundry, Car, Dormitory, Locker etc.

    Product description

    About The Ram-Pro Extra-Strong Chrome Plated Magnetic Hook Set of 2-Pieces.

    The Problem:
    You need to hang a towel but you don’t want to place it permanently onto your wall but need it handy,
    You need to have hangings moving around,
    how can you do it?


    Our Solution:
    The Ram-Pro Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Magnetic Hook Set that you just attach on any metal surface and it will hold almost anything and you can remove easily it anytime without any leaving stain.


    Magnetic Strength:
    With this 8 lb. of magnetic strength you can hold even Heavy Items, and it should survive anything even an earthquake under normal usage.


    Appropriate Shape:
    The convenient round shape makes it useable, sticking onto any ferrous metal even on textured and bumpy surfaces.


    Easy To Assemble:
    Very easy to assemble just screw it onto the magnetic base and its strong and ready to use.


    Chrome Plated Steel Finish:
    This hooks are nicely presentable anywhere even in elegant places with this beautiful Chrome Plated Steel Finish that will blend in anywhere.


    Hold Up in All Positions
    Its will hold anything on all types of positions like sideways and upside down etc. easily for your convenience.


    Use for:
    To hang Tools on a Toolbox
    To hang aprons on the side of the fridge
    To hang a mops or brooms
    To Organize the Garage
    To Make a Spice Rack or Any Type of Rack
    To hold BBQ grill utensils (fork, spatula, & scraper)
    Add to a Car/Truck Cab Cover
    Christmas Projects/Halloween Decorations
    Classroom Experiments
    Science Projects
    Product Manufacturing Applications


    Stick It, Hang It!