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RAM-PRO 18" Secure Travel Wallet Chain with 2" Key Split Ring & Trigger Snap Hook Clasp – Professional Grade Heavy Duty Jeans Link Coil Leash for Men/Women – Great for Truckers and Bikers

  • $ 849

  • Ram-Pro Chrome Steel Wallet Chain leash with Snap-On closure clasp on one end, and Big Keyring on other side.
  • SPECS: Length overall 23", 18" chain length with 2-3/4" snap hook; total weight 4.4 oz. - 2" Steel O Ring Large and strong enough to hold keys and wallets while traveling.
  • DESIGN: Super Cool Look - Catastrophe-Free spring clasp mechanism on the trigger snap hook for a secure grasp on your pants - Durable 3mm diameter steel chains rings for a greater protection.
  • QUALITY: Secure accessible wallet key chain ornament since the chain is made out of high quality chrome steel material - Non-Kink twist style Links.
  • USAGE: Great for truckers, bikers, hikers, plain pedestrians, janitors, even musicians to hook on wallets, keys, passports, travelers checks, id badges and much more.

    Product description


    About Ram-Pro 18 Inch Secure Travel Wallet Chain with 2 Inch Key Split Ring and Trigger Snap Hook- Chrome Steel- for Men.

    Did you ever have or luckily didn’t have that devastating feeling of losing your keys or wallet and highly important stuff like cash, cards & information? Well here is something specific for you!


    The most successful old fashioned anti-theft but also fashion tool.

    Enjoy a stress free traveling without much attention! Our 18" travel chain will secure your valuables, wallet/purse and keys while on the go. Our chain was designed with the Non-kink Twist Style Links for a secure and accessibly effectiveness.


    Ideal for bikers, truckers, professionals or just any pedestrian. Just snap on our secure mechanism spring clasp on any hook or belt and possessions will be safe.

    Nice to have if you are going to a concert or a crowded outdoor event & worry about losing your wallet.


    Our chain is constructed with high quality chrome steel material for a more sturdy and secure endurance.

    No discoloration at all, the chain will stay the same chrome/silver as the day you bought it.


    3mm diameter steel chains rings, length overall 23", 18" chain length with 2-3/4" snap hook, 2" steel o ring; total weight 4.4 oz.

    1- 18" Secure Wallet Chain.


    Chain is thick sturdy and very durable.
    Weight of chain is Heavy-Duty & will sure be noticed if went missing.
    Chain is a non-kink type which keeps it from kinking up.
    The chrome makes it very shiny and nice cool looking.
    Clasp is big enough to make on/off easy, but secured not to open itself.
    Huge ring holds anything.
    Ring is changeable.
    Rust Resistant.
    Awesome gift idea for men.