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Ram-Pro 10 Paint 190 Micron Paper Strainer, Filter Tip Cone Shaped Fine Nylon Mesh Funnel W/Hooks - Premium Grade Disposable - Use Automotive, Spray Guns, Arts & Crafts, Hobby & Painting Projects

  • $ 570

  • Ram-Pro Fine 190 Micron Paint Strainer - Made from High Quality Durable Materials, and 100% lint free nylon mesh tip at bottom
  • DESIGN: Medium Cone Shaped with Full-Flow Tip at Bottom - 5" length x 6" diameter, (about 1/2" wider than gallon can of paint) – Contains 2 holes on top for fastening and hanging purposes
  • USE: For all types of paints, resins, varnishes, lacquers, and stains (even some chemicals) - Filters Sifts & Eliminates Impurities in New and Old Paint, & Removes paint clumps and solids
  • PURPOSE: Prevents Clogging of Painting Equipment - Perfect to strain your spray gun paint before filling it with the liquid to prevent clogging
  • YOU GET: Package includes 10 disposable easy to clean up Funnels, replace the used cone with a fresh one whenever it's needed, with this Ram-Pro 10 piece Value Pack

    About Ram-Pro Nylon Mesh Paint Strainers.

    These Nylon Mesh Paint Strainers are cone shaped paint strainers with a fine 190 micron filter tip.

    Paint Strainers are a great solution for removing unwanted dust, particulates, & impurities from latex & oil based paints. Can be used on any paint, new or old, including varnishes, resins, & stains.

    The paint flows well through the mesh & the mesh size filters out small particles that would have possibly clogged spray guns or made the job hard.

    Regularly strain oil-based paints & glazes through them & it will make your work much easier.

    Easy-to-use, with less spilling -- saves time, & does a great job.

    Durable construction that will hold up through your painting project.

    No need to worry about cone collapsing, folding over or dropping into your quart container.

    Anytime you put paint into your gun, Strain it first! Don’t Spent hours fighting poor pressure at the tip, & cleaning the little round screen at the bottom of the bottle.

    Liquid flows through easily

    Super handy for straining or mixing 'floaters' out of your expensive resin.

    Don’t throw away what seems to be ‘useless’ lumpy paint. Just buy these fine strainers & give them a good sift through & all the lumps & dirt will vanish

    Don’t use metal sieves, use these & toss them out; no messy clean-up!


    For all types of paints & chemicals
    Removes paint clumps & solids
    Eliminates impurities in new & old paint alike
    Maintains a consistent, even paint thickness
    Prevents spray gun clogging
    Strong, durable construction
    Easy to use on small amounts of paint
    Disposable, simply throw away
    Minimal to no clean up required
    They work well & result in reduced trash in the finish
    (In some cases it’s been used even with foods)


    You can back flush the paint strainer, dry it, & reuse it. It can fold flat, & fit in a quart size zip-lock bag,