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Drixet Jeweler’s Rouge “Red” Polishing/Buffing Compound - For All Types of Martial (1 Oz.)

  • $ 699

  • The drixet 1 oz. Jeweler's rouge red polishing compound will help you get a smooth and burr-free mirror finish on a wide variety of surfaces helping you handle all kinds of projects
  • Specs: Length: 2-1/4" - width: 7/8" - height: 3/8"
  • Quality: The red compound is solid at room temperature but, the heat generated by the friction of the spinning buff, softens and liquefies the chemical, so you will not get dirty before/after using it
  • The compound is designed to be added to buffs, wheels and other contraptions to either cut, smooth or burnish the metal. With this 1 oz. Jeweler's rouge red compound you can get a matt finish, remove very little metal and create a high shine
  • Uses: Used to polish, cut, wax, clean, repair, restore, revive etc. On any material like: Aluminum, stainless, steel, brass, cast-iron, wood, auto body work. Jewelry & much more

    Product description

    About the drixet 1 oz. Jeweler's rouge red polishing compound the problem: When finishing sanding/cutting you're left with lots of scratches and bumpy/rough surfaces, or with usual wear and tear/dirt on your furniture, appliances, jewelry, car etc. How can we fix it? Our solution: The drixet 1 oz. Jeweler's rouge red polishing compound that you rub onto any polishing/buffing wheel and can be applied on to anything easily with no pressure to buff and polish with phenomenal results. Lightweight/handy size: Weighs just 1 oz. & Is a handy all the time. How to use it: Apply the compound bar when the wheel is turning by holding the stick against the wheel and it will melt on and then buff your object. But you have to do that every so often to keep the polishing compound on the wheel. Recommendation: It is recommended to use its own cloth wheels as the cloth holds the polish. Tip: Apply a little of the compound, often, rather than a lot all at once . Make it glossy like brand new .