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Drixet 2" Roll On and Lock Roloc Disc Pad Holder Adapter – for Sanders and Polishers

  • $ 649

  • ✓ The Drixet Roloc Roll On and Lock 2" Disc Pad Holder Adapter will help you get a smooth and burr-free finish on a wide variety of surfaces by making pads easy to adapt onto your machine just by twisting-on, thereby helping you handle all kinds of projects.
  • ✓ SPECS: Overall Diameter: 2" - Overall Height 2-1/2" – Shank Diameter: 1/4" – Shank Length: 1-3/4” - Thread Size: 1/4-20 – Max RPM: 30,000 – Weight: 1.6 Ounces.
  • ✓ QUALITY: The high quality aluminum and the long-lasting rubber will provide sturdiness and strength - Fits Power Drills, Die Grinders, Air Grinders, Angle Grinder, and most of all other power tools.
  • ✓ DESIGN: Heavy-Duty Black Rubber Pad for just the right thickness - Sturdy aluminum core with nickel-plated removable steel shank for best strength.
  • ✓ USES: Accepts most makes and models and for any type of use like: Sanding, Polishing, Surface Conditioning/Preparation, or bristle and discs that removes paints, residues, gaskets, welding slags, rusts and other disc consumables.

    Product description


    About The Drixet 2" Roloc Roll On and Lock Disc Pad Holder Durable Adapter

    The Problem:
    When sanding/polishing you need to use several types and sizes of pads and discs on whatever equipment you are using, but interchanging is a hassle, how can we improve it?


    Our Solution:
    The Drixet 2" Roloc Roll On and Lock Solid Disc Pad Holder Adapter that you place on your machine and with just a quick quarter-turn replace/change to a different disc/pad without any hassle.


    Twist Lock Mounting:
    The sanding discs/grids will spin on and lock-in securely while twisting off easily when changing them out.


    Attachment System:
    The attachment system is super convenient for quick switches between grits and different types of discs.


    Changing Discs:
    With a quick quarter-turn you can attach and detach a pad quickly and easily leaving the mandrel attached to the drill just changing the pad until the job is done.


    No Extra Vibration:
    The Well Build Tool assures that you don’t get any extra vibration for better precision.


    Thread & Shaft Compatible:
    Suitable on equipment using both a threat type drive or for the round tube shaft tool.


    Fits Most Pads/Discs:
    Almost all makes and models can be attached for uses of any type of work like: sanding, polishing, surface conditioning/preparation, removing paints, residues, gasket, welding slags and rusts.


    Heavy-Duty Rubber Backing:
    The rubbers perfect flexibility will hold sturdy any disc, grid, polishing clothe, that you will connect to it.


    Steel Shank:
    The aluminum core with nickel-plated steel shank is removable by turning the shank counterclockwise and has an anti-slip nut for tightening purposes.


    The special Locknut with External-Tooth Lock Washer helps you to adjust the shaft for the best position uses.


    Sand/polish with great pleasure!